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We really believe that an awesome team + a great place to work are key essentials to a success full company. By far this is not all. Because our individuals make up that team. We have certain believes, share a common vison and have a lot of fun. 

Satisfied Clients


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Cups of Coffee

“Buisiness mixed with fun, that is what we like.”


External Development is a German recruiting company since 2008 with offices in Germany and Romania. Our clients are German, Austrian and the EU companies searching for IT professionals. We help them to find the right candidate and give our best that it is a Win-Win for both, the candidate and the client. 

I love it!

„Since I work for External I grow personally every day. Super Great team, and exciting work helping people to find what they really want.“


Senior Recruiter

Entfalten, mit gestalten, umsetzen!

Fördern und fordern bedeutet Wachstum, nicht nur für das Unternehmen, sondern auch persönlich.


Senior Recruiter

A lot of fun that makes work great!

„In our weekly team calls with Germany we are laughing a lot. I enjoy that. „


Senior Recruiter

Every successful company has one major ingredient: it’s people. If they share the same values – magic happens. And this is very important to us.  

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